Types of Door Locks

There are many different types of door lock and handles available to homeowners. The different types of lock handles and door handles include knobs, latch handles, pins, levers and deadbolts. Here are a brief description of each type of handle and a few examples of how they can be used for a variety of purposes.

Knob locks: Knob locks are available in a wide range of styles, including traditional designs that use a key to open a door. A knob lock is also known as a keylock and has various ranges of different sizes. They come in two basic varieties: pin-and-key locks and keyed locks. A pin-and-key lock requires an individual to insert a pin into the top half of the key and then the key is inserted into the keyhole on the lower half of the key. Latch locks require an individual to insert a lockpick or key into the lock and the door is locked.

Latch locks: A latch lock is usually a simple design. It uses a key to open a door. It can either be keyed or pin-and-key and is found on doors made from wood and metal. These types of locks have been around for centuries and have always been popular for their safety features. These types of locks can be found in older homes and are often seen on older structures.

Pin locks: A latch can have a lever, knob or a deadbolt. A lever latch locks are typically used on entryways and are commonly found on front doors and windows. Latch locks can also be keyed or combination and they require an individual to insert a key into the lock and turn it to lock. Deadbolts are locks where a deadbolt is attached to a door with hinges and when the door is opened the hinge moves and this causes the deadbolt to move and this also opens the door. Many homeowners choose to use deadbolts to provide extra security to their home. Locksmiths can install locks with or without hinges.

Deadbolt: A deadbolt is also commonly known as a bolt lock. These types of locks are found on doors and windows and have a bolt that is fixed to the bottom part of the door frame. The door will be locked and unable to be opened until the bolt is unlocked. This makes it very hard to gain entrance.

Lever locks: Most home owners prefer deadbolt locks because they make entering a home more difficult but they have to pay a little more in order to gain access. A lever lock, which is also known as a lockpick, can be used instead. This type of lock is mounted on the wall and is opened by pressing the lever on the side. A deadbolt lock is easier to break than a lever lock and is less secure.

Combination locks: Deadbolt locks are often used with combinations of different types of deadbolt locks to create a complex lock combination. For example, a key is inserted into the lock and when the key is turned in a certain order the lock can be opened and the combination to the lock is known. Some locks can have keys inside, however, the combination will not change without the knowledge of the person who initially made the entry. Locks with combination locks can be installed at any height on the door. For example, some are mounted directly on the door with no hinges. While a combination can be given to the door by a family member, a combination code is entered in to create an access code.

These are just a few examples of what types of doors lock there are and the number of options available for consumers. If you’re looking for one of these locks it’s best to talk to a locksmith so he can help you decide which style and type of lock you need for your door.

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