Locksmith Sunrise is the fastest & most reliable locksmith service. Our team experts are equipped to take care of your any sticky lock situation you find yourself in, no matter what time it might be.


Locked out? We provide a fast and professional 24/7 lockout service. We’ll gain entry to your property without causing damage to your locks, so your keys will still operate perfectly.


Yep that’s right we can even get you back into your car if you accidentally lock your keys in your car.


Instead of purchasing new locks, we offer an affordable solution, by changing the combination of your existing locks and providing you with new keys and peace of mind that you are the only person with keys to your home.


Garage door opener stopped working or want a motorised door installed? We’ve got you covered. We’ve got a solution for all motor brands.


Locksmith Sunrise brings you over 30 years of experience, so there isn’t anything we haven’t seen before. This means we can confidently guarantee complete customer satisfaction.















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With the economy being as it is and the cost of living continuing to rise, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to take care of renovations at an affordable cost. With that said, there are services such as Tradie Studio that won’t break the bank.

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How to Fix a Car Door Lock

What Exactly is a Car Door Lock? The majority of car doors have two locks, usually one that operates the door and one that operates the window. The door locks may not always work well together, but they should be able to open and close the door without anyone getting in or out. In order […]

How to Choose a Sliding Door Lock

When it comes to picking the best security system for your home, nothing beats sliding door locks. For the cost of just a couple of rolls of hardware tape, you can make your door that much harder to get into! With a simple, cheap Toledo lock and some basic tools, your sliding door can be […]

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Locks aren’t the only aspect of physical safety, but they are certainly an important aspect of it as well. Having the right front door locks in place will go a long way toward helping achieve a high level of security from all forms of burglary. Here are some tips that should help you make the […]

How To Become A Locksmith

Locksmiths are skilled specialists who repair and create various kinds of locks for different purposes such as residential or commercial use. Locksmiths work in residential and commercial buildings and houses, helping people in opening and closing the doors, safe locking the doors and also opening locked boxes and cabinets. Locksmiths are a special breed of […]

How to Rekey a Lock

Rekeying a lock can be done on any type of lock and for any type of reason. Changing locks regularly is part of home security but keying a lock can be done to make certain that your home is safe from thieves. This can make the difference between a stolen house and a new home […]

Architectural Door Lock Safety Tips

As an architectural specialist, the job of a professional interior designer can be made much easier if they were to have a firm understanding of how to secure architectural door locks. By properly locking your doors and keeping them locked, you are ensuring that no one is able to enter or exit the building and […]

What Does a Locksmith Actually Do?

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Types of Door Locks

There are many different types of door lock and handles available to homeowners. The different types of lock handles and door handles include knobs, latch handles, pins, levers and deadbolts. Here are a brief description of each type of handle and a few examples of how they can be used for a variety of purposes. […]